ObjectiVision product

The AccuMap tests the integrity of the visual pathway by measuring the electric signals generated in the visual system in response to visual stimulus. It detects what the brain sees rather than what the patient thinks it sees hence removing the uncertainty caused by subjective responses and providing the opportunity to detect very subtle changes in the visual field. Visual electrophysiology is acknowledged as the only way to objectively measure visual function. However, its use clinically has been restricted by the variability of responses across the visual field and between subjects. ObjectiVision’s scientists overcame these problems via novel adaptations of the multifocal VEP technique and did what all scientists desired but said was impossible. The AccuMap is accurate, non-invasive, patient-friendly and clinically validated. Published studies have shown that it can detect defects in the visual function earlier than conventional visual fields testing.

The AccuMap is more than just an alternative to subjective perimetry. Its ability to measure both magnitude and latency of the mfVEP signal enables the practitioner to discriminate amongst retinal, optic nerve and neurological disorders. The AccuMap is essentially three devices in one - an objective perimeter to detect glaucoma, a multifocal electroretinogram (mfERG) to detect retinal diseases such as AMD and a valuable tool in assessing neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

The new Accumap2’s multi-modality and cost-effectiveness, combined with improved functionality, accuracy and test times, are designed to facilitate patient compliance, complement imaging devices and provide practitioners and researchers with a cost-effective way to improve patient outcomes.