ObjectiVision product

ObjectiVision is an ophthalmic diagnostic device company. Challenging traditional approaches to problems of ophthalmology and neurology, the Company creates innovative products that can be used simply and cost-effectively to diagnose and manage a wide range of eye and neurological disorders in the clinical environment

ObjectiVision was formed to commercialise ground-breaking research by scientists at the Save Sight Institute in Sydney to develop an objective method to evaluate visual function. The current industry standard in visual field testing relies on the active participation of the patient. However, the subjective nature of these tests results in many shortcomings which can produce clinically significant errors. The Company’s first product, the Accumap, represents the first time that an objective visual field test can be performed and applied in clinical practice.

The first AccuMap was hailed by the industry as a great leap forward in the functional testing of vision. AccuMap2 represents a significant advancement on its predecessor and is poised to replace existing subjective methods of assessment and become the new standard in the testing of visual function.